Case Studies

  • RBR Active
    • Biomaster
    RBR Active

    The Positive Impact of Antimicrobial Technology in the RBR legflow™ For almost 20 years, the medical profession has been aware that restricte...

  • Aercon
    • Biomaster

    Aercon’s Commitment to Hygiene: Partnering with Biomaster for Antimicrobial Solutions In today’s world, where health and safety&nb...

  • NIO
    • Biomaster

    Innovating Hygiene Standards: NIO's Adoption of Biomaster in Electric Vehicles As the automotive industry undergoes a paradigm shift towards innova...

  • Kleen Clad
    • Biomaster
    Kleen Clad

    In healthcare, maintaining hygiene standards is not just important - it's paramount. Kleenclad, a valued client of Addmaster, provide innovative hyg...

  • Dycem
    • Biomaster

    Enhancing Contamination Control with Dycem® Client Overview: Dycem® Contamination Control is a renowned provider of reusable contamination...

  • EBi
    • Biomaster
    • Verimaster

    Addmaster Business Cards Designed to Showcase Antimicrobial and Anti-Counterfeit Technologies Addmaster recently collaborated with EBi, a valued cl...

  • Dyson
    • Biomaster

    Dyson is a global technology company famous for transforming everyday equipment with radical reinventions that work, perform and look very differently...

  • Tommee Tippee
    • Biomaster
    Tommee Tippee

    Sangenic Nappy Disposal System Cassettes with Biomaster protection are among the UK’s bestselling baby products. If it’s cold, raining...

  • BeaconMedaes
    • Biomaster

    BeaconMedæs is the world’s leading specialist in the design, supply and installation of piped medical gas distribution systems and copper...

  • Graham & Brown
    • Biomaster
    Graham & Brown

    Lancashire wallpaper, paint and wall art suppliers Graham & Brown has been manufacturing wall coverings for 70 years. Today, the internationall...

  • Solent Group
    • Biomaster
    Solent Group

    Solent Group is a leading manufacturer of general household merchandise including reusable bags in bespoke styles and designs. The company's reusab...

  • Muraspec Wallcoverings
    • Biomaster
    Muraspec Wallcoverings

    Muraspec Wallcoverings is an international leader in the commercial and bespoke wallcoverings industry with a heritage dating back to the 1850s. Th...

  • Electronic Temperature Instruments
    • Biomaster
    Electronic Temperature Instruments

    Since the company was established in 1983, Electronic Temperature Instruments (ETI) has developed a reputation as Britain’s foremost manufacture...

  • Hillbrush
    • Biomaster

    Hillbrush is the UK's leading manufacturer of high quality hygienic cleaning tools. The Hillbrush range of Antimicrobial tools containing Biom...

  • Innervision Technology
    • Biomaster
    Innervision Technology

    Innervision Technology Ltd. produces Tough-PAC iPad covers, a sealed robust shell with internal shock protection together with rapid docking and an an...

  • Sirane Group
    • Biomaster
    Sirane Group

    The Sirane Group manufactures high quality re-usable bags and pouches for an international customer base. It is also an innovator in the indus...

  • Static Healthcare
    • Biomaster
    Static Healthcare

    Static Healthcare is a leading UK provider of communications solutions for use in modern hospitals and clinics. Static Systems’ nurse call sy...

  • Brinsea
    • Biomaster

    Brinsea has been manufacturing bird breeding products for more than 40 years and is renowned as one of the world’s leading providers of incubato...

  • Silverfeet
    • Biomaster

    Equine thrush is an infection that affects the hooves of many horses and ponies.  In classic cases it results from the softening and damage to...

  • Harfield Tableware
    • Biomaster
    Harfield Tableware

    Stockport based Harfield Tableware is the UK’s leading manufacturer and distributor of virtually unbreakable and reusable polycarbonate tablewar...

  • Medishower
    • Biomaster

    NHS infection prevention teams face increasing number of challenges as they try to address the issue of waterborne bacterial infection especially thos...

  • Panter
    • Biomaster

    Panter is a Spanish family-owned business with international renown for providing high quality protective footwear for working environments. Panter...

  • Colex International
    • Biomaster
    Colex International

    Colex International has been manufacturing high quality hose and tube throughout the world since 1992. Certain types of flexible hose can allow che...

  • Composite Fibreglass Mouldings
    • Biomaster
    Composite Fibreglass Mouldings

    Cleaning processes are generally effective at reducing bacteria on wall tiles, but as soon as cleaning stops, bacteria begins to grow and with it the...