Regulatory Statement

The information on this website is solely for the purpose of providing general information about Addmaster (UK) Ltd and our products and services.

The website and its links are not intended to act as written, printed or graphic material to accompany the sale or distribution of any article or product treated with Biomaster antimicrobial technology in any country, including any product registered under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).

This website should not be used as a source of specific instructions on product use or product claims. All Biomaster additives and protected products should be used in accordance with their product labels.

Addmaster (UK) Ltd distributes products globally. In some countries there may be local regulatory and legal requirements which could limit the products/or the treated articles that are available, the uses for which they are permitted and the claims that are allowed. Products protected with Biomaster technology should only be distributed, sold and used in accordance with local governmental regulations and the specifications on their labels.

Please contact our regulatory experts if you require further guidance.