About Polygiene

(Addmaster are part of the Polygiene Group)

Mindful Living® – it’s who we are

Why do we exist? When we talk about our technologies, we describe how we’re redefining freshness and reimagining product protection. Those things in themselves have an incredible effect on people’s lives – a world that smells better, that’s more hygienic, and that’s protected from counterfeiting and tampering.

But our mission goes above and beyond the immediate impact of our technologies: to embrace a journey toward more Mindful Living®. At Polygiene, we’re uniquely placed to help to drive meaningful change in our world, to ensure products last as long as they possibly can before they need to be replaced and ultimately to help businesses and consumers make the change from consumables to durables.


Mindful Living® – it’s inside everything we do

We’ve been doing this since our inception in 2006 – it’s ingrained in our DNA. We will always challenge ourselves to uphold our values and those of our partners. After all, we are all in it together.

With everything we do, we promise to enable, inspire, and connect people to live more mindful lives. We encourage the extended and shared use of products and spaces, as well as reduced and responsible consumption and product development to the benefit of our future generations.


Why we do it

The simple answer is: because it’s the right thing to do but there are other factors influencing our mission. We are Swedish and driven by our Scandinavian ethos of adding value and meaning with responsible technologies and services that empower brands. By being in it together, we become a true partner to brands and their end-users to make a difference in people’s lives and the world.

We work with you to create measurable results for United Nations (UN) sustainable development goals.

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