• Biomaster

Tommee Tippee

Sangenic Nappy Disposal System Cassettes with Biomaster protection are among the UK’s bestselling baby products.


If it’s cold, raining or dark, you don’t want to go outside to thrown away your dirty nappies. It’s not always an easy option either if you live in a flat or a high rise apartment block. 

Thanks to the innovative Sangenic nappy disposal system from the internationally renowned baby products manufacturer Tommee Tippee, you don’t need endless trips to the bin to keep the smell of baby poo away.

The system offers Biomaster antibacterial protection from germs and odours, individually sealing each nappy away in seconds. The system is easy to set up, easy to use and easy to empty, meaning you can spend less time changing.

It also features unique Scentmaster deodorising fragrance to counteract the malodour peaks of the nappy and reduce the perception of the smell. Scentmaster is 100 times more effective at odour protection than leading supermarket brand nappy sacks.

The Sangenic Nappy Bin holds up to 28 soiled nappies at a time and works with Sangenic refill cartridges. Each refill cartridge can dispose of up to 68 nappies.

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