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Enhancing Contamination Control with Dycem®

Dycem Biomaster Mats

Client Overview: Dycem® Contamination Control is a renowned provider of reusable contamination control mats. Dycem products are designed to attract, capture, and retain up to 99.9% of particulates from shoes and wheels, effectively reducing airborne particulates by up to 75%.

The Challenge: The industry wanted particulate retention and reduced product degradation. Dycem sought to provide effective solutions tailored to the unique needs of such industries, ensuring superior particulate control and antimicrobial product protection.

The Solution: Dycem provide two distinct product lines designed to address diverse contamination control requirements:

Dycem CleanZone

  • Designed for pedestrian flows and light-wheeled traffic
  • Reusable antimicrobial mats to reduce product degradation
  • Washable and long-lasting, offering sustainable contamination control for 3+ years

Dycem WorkZone

  • The ONLY effective solution for heavy-duty areas with heavy-wheeled traffic
  • Semi-permanent mats with a 3+ year lifespan
  • Suitable for large carts, pallet trucks, and forklifts, providing durable contamination control 

Implementation: Dycem's contamination control mats, incorporating Biomaster antimicrobial product protection, combats unwanted microbes that can cause product degredation, discoloration, staining or odour.

"Partnering with Dycem to integrate Biomaster into their products has been a rewarding collaboration for Addmaster. By combining our expertise in antimicrobial product protection with Dycem's innovative approach to combatting particulates, we've created a formidable solution. This collaboration exemplifies our shared commitment to delivering exceptional value to customers across diverse industries." – India Hanspal, Global Commercial Head of Product Protection, Addmaster.

Outcome: By leveraging Dycem's innovative contamination control solutions, businesses in sensitive industries experienced:

  • Enhanced capture of contaminants
  • Improved product quality and operational efficiency
  • Sustainable and cost-effective contamination control measures
  • Preservation of brand reputation and customer trust

(Data relates to the product and is not attributed to one antimicrobial)

Conclusion: Dycem's commitment to providing superior contamination control solutions, coupled with their dedication to innovation and sustainability, distinguishes them as a trusted partner. With Dycem products, clients can confidently navigate the challenges of contamination control.

"By integrating Biomaster antimicrobial product protection we’ve reduced degradation of the product. This partnership underscores our dedication to innovation and delivering unparalleled performance in contamination control." – Andy Jones, Operations Director, Dycem Contamination Control

Find out more about Dycem’s range of superior contamination control products at www.dycem.com

(Disclaimer – The antimicrobial technology does not protect one user or others against disease causing organisms. The technology is not a substitute for good hygiene and / or cleaning practices)

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