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The Positive Impact of Antimicrobial Technology in the RBR legflow™

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For almost 20 years, the medical profession has been aware that restricted blood flow in sedentary people is a key contributor to developing a deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This is where RBR legflow™ comes in! RBR legflow™ helps to aid and enhance the body’s natural blood flow to the lower limbs of individuals even when seated. It has undergone rigorous clinical trials to demonstrate that it is more effective than any other previously used method.

The RBR legflow™ is a small medical device that sits on the floor under foot, incorporating two separate round domes with patented nodules®, each large enough to accommodate the user’s foot. Through 3 simple exercises, the RBR legflow™ improves lower limb blood flow in the popliteal vein by 11-fold (63.3cm/s in the popliteal vein versus 4.6cm/s) in adults seated in office chairs through active movement of the foot and consequent increased blood flow in the calf.

Whether travelling by air for business or pleasure, working at your desk with deadlines looming, being hospitalised, gaming with your on-line fiends, in a care-home, or if you’re just at home and not as mobile as you were. The RBR Legflow™ should be with you.

Antimicrobial Product Protection

Recognising the critical need for antimicrobial protection in a product designed for prolonged contact with the feet, RBR Active has integrated cutting-edge Biomaster antimicrobial technology into the very fabric of their RBR Legflow™ medical device.

At its core, Biomaster technology represents a triumph of scientific innovation, an antimicrobial additive designed to inhibit the growth microorganisms. Developed by Addmaster, a renowned leader in antimicrobial solutions, Biomaster technology offers formidable product protection.

The significance of antimicrobial product protection in a device such as the RBR Legflow™ cannot be overstated. For example, in scenarios where the device may be shared among two or more people, Biomaster antimicrobial technology is a proactive measure to ensure increased hygiene.

By seamlessly integrating Biomaster additives into the material composition of the RBR Legflow™ device, RBR Active has elevated the standard of hygiene. Unlike other antimicrobial treatments that diminish over time, Biomaster technology remains integral to the device, ensuring sustained antimicrobial efficacy for the lifetime of the product —a testament to the durability and reliability of this innovative antimicrobial solution.

Paul Westerman, the creator of the RBR Legflow™ said, "Our goal with the RBR legflow™ was to create a product that not only improves blood flow but also ensures the highest level of hygiene. By incorporating Biomaster antimicrobial technology, we've enhanced the hygiene of our device, providing users with peace of mind. This integration reflects our commitment to innovative, user-focused solutions in health and wellness."

In a time where hygiene is paramount, the integration of Biomaster antimicrobial technology into the RBR Legflow™ device represents a harmonious fusion of scientific expertise and technological innovation. RBR Active has set a new standard for excellence, knowing that their product has enhanced hygiene with Biomaster antimicrobial protection.



You can find out more about RBR active and the RBR legflow HERE.

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