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BeaconMedæs is the world’s leading specialist in the design, supply and installation of piped medical gas distribution systems and copper pipe fittings in hospitals.


The company has been manufacturing an increasingly complex array of life support equipment for hospitals for over 60 years and currently operate through local and regional distributors in over 40 countries.

Its flagship products are the GEM 10 and Gem Shield medical gas terminal units featuring Biomaster antibacterial technology to help reduce cross infection for added patient safety.

Fully complying with BS EN ISO 91701:2008, the BeaconMedæs Gem has a proven service record and is available in a wide range of mounting options, connection types and orientations to suit installations in walls, bedhead trunking, headwalls and pendant systems.

The GEM Shield Terminal Unit features a modernised trim plate that removes dust traps, decreasing the risk of cross infection. The fixing screws can be accessed from the front on the new GEM Shield Terminal Unit, cutting the exchange time by 15 minutes and providing for quick and simple routine maintenance. All GEM terminal units are easily retrofitted onto existing GEM 10 installations.

GEM Shield also incorporates a Verimaster safety taggant to enable the user to identify the unit.  Verimaster is a covert anti-counterfeit device increasingly used for validation of manufacturing processes – for example, to check that suppliers have used the correct specification.

Verimaster allows you to check that Biomaster antibacterial additive is present in the product as part of a quality control procedure.  It means that customers can demonstrate that products are protected as well as verify that the product is genuine.

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