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Addmaster Business Cards Designed to Showcase Antimicrobial and Anti-Counterfeit Technologies

Addmaster recently collaborated with EBi, a valued client of over 15 years, to produce bespoke business cards for the Addmaster team. The idea behind the business cards was that they could be used alongside providing contact details to showcase Addmaster’s Biomaster antimicrobial and Verimaster anti-counterfeit technologies which are both incorporated into the business cards.
Addmaster's Biomaster technology inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria on surfaces, promoting hygiene and reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Verimaster is an anti-counterfeit technology that enhances security by incorporating a unique additive into products providing a solution to brand protection and product verification. Verimaster is also used as a tracer to prove Biomaster antimicrobial technology has been added to a product.
EBi specialises in creative packaging printing solutions and rose to the challenge of integrating Biomaster and Verimaster into the Addmaster business cards. The objective of the collaboration was to demonstrate the integration of Biomaster and Verimaster technologies into the business cards to provide added sales functionality and differentiation within the market. Additionally, the partnership aimed to showcase the potential of both technologies’ applications in printed materials.
EBi’s print facility in Derbyshire served as the location for the production of the business cards. The process began with the preparation of the varnish. The Biomaster and Verimaster additives were both carefully and accurately mixed in to the varnish to ensure a consistent distribution.

The print process then followed where high quality stock was used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the business cards. Strict quality control measures were implemented throughout the print process to verify the functionality of the additives and quality of the final product.
The finished cards look fantastic and not only serve as effective sales and marketing tools but also provide tangible examples of the capabilities of both Biomaster and Verimaster technologies.

Feedback from both the Addmaster team and clients has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing appreciation for the innovative features integrated into the business cards which have become a valuable asset.
"Collaborating with Addmaster to seamlessly integrate their Biomaster antimicrobial and Verimaster anti-counterfeit technologies into their business cards has been a great project. These business cards not only exemplify Addmaster's dedication to innovation but also offer tangible value to customers. At EBi, we routinely incorporate antimicrobial additives into printed materials, particularly in packaging requiring the highest standards of hygiene” said Tom Heath, Technical Director, EBi.
"Partnering with EBi to bring our technologies to life in our business cards has been incredibly rewarding. We believe that these cards will serve as powerful sales and marketing tools for our team to showcase the capabilities of our solutions and make a lasting impression on clients" said Paul Willocks, Marketing Manager, Addmaster.

The collaboration between Addmaster and EBi exemplifies the potential of integrating advanced technologies into printed materials to enhance functionality and value.

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