Ensuring hygiene standards is essential in every aspect of life, particularly within the food and catering industries where the stakes are exceptionally high. The consequences of cross-contamination can be extremely detrimental to businesses.

Understanding the importance of maintaining rigorous hygiene standards, Biomaster provides effective solutions to minimise the risk of contamination in the food and catering industry. Upholding impeccable hygiene also reinforces the reputation and credibility of businesses within this sector.


Antimicrobial technology for the food & catering industry

Good food hygiene starts by controlling harmful bacteria in key areas, to prevent the spread of pathogens which can cause food poisoning.

According to the FSA, nearly 5.5 million people in the UK each year are affected by a food poisoning related illness.

The most prevalent pathogen is Campylobacter, which is thought to be responsible for around 280,000 illnesses and over 100 deaths every 12 months in the UK.

Cases of Listeria illnesses, although rare, can be fatal to vulnerable people, with the bacteria found in contaminated food and drainage systems in food processing areas.


24/7 antimicrobial product protection for food & catering

Even with proper food safety and cleaning protocols, pathogens are a problem as illness caused by cross-contamination can be devastating for customers and businesses alike.

Educating food handlers and staff to practice good hand hygiene and targeted cleaning regimes can be effective to a certain point, but in high-traffic, shared areas an extra line of defence should be considered to ensure heightened levels of hygiene.

Biomaster protected products provide around the clock product protection against harmful bacteria that can cause foodborne illness, including Campylobacter, Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria.

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Antimicrobial protection for food preparation

Any surface, including worktops and equipment, used when preparing food should be disinfected between uses and constructed so they are easy to clean and maintain.

Biomaster can be incorporated into almost any product used in food preparation areas and kitchens, both domestic and commercial, to provide long lasting effectiveness against bacterial build-up.

Worktops can be manufactured from Biomaster protected construction board or treated with antimicrobial powder coatings whilst equipment such as knives and chopping boards incorporating Biomaster protection can be protected from cross-contamination between cleans.


Antimicrobial protection for food processing

Cross-contamination in food processing areas can be a huge concern as bacteria such as Listeria can survive in the low temperatures found in cold rooms and commonly in untreated water in drainage systems.

Biomaster treated water systems, including pipework, hosing and spray guns can inhibit the growth of bacteria such as Listeria, Legionella and Pseudomonas, providing additional protection against pathogens between cleans.

To reduce the risk of harmful bacteria spreading further, cleaning materials such as cloths, sponge, squeegees and mops can all incorporate Biomaster into the final product to provide around the clock antimicrobial protection.

Features & benefits

  • Independent testing

    All of our antimicrobial food processing solutions are independently tested at a leading laboratory to ISO 22196 to ensure of a high quality efficacy against the microbes your product and end application requires.

  • Free of charge samples

    We can provide free-of-charge antimicrobial samples for you to test to ensure that incorporating Biomaster antimicrobial technology into your range of food preparation and catering products is as straightforward as possible.

  • Expert support - with no licence fees

    Unlike other antimicrobial additive suppliers, there are no licence fees for using our technology.  You get the support of our technical, regulatory and marketing experts free of charge to help make your product a success.

How Biomaster works

Biomaster can be added at any stage of the manufacturing process and is available in masterbatch, liquid or powder formulations for plastics, textiles, paper and coatings.

When bacteria come into contact with a Biomaster protected surface, the active antimicrobial agent prevents them from growing, producing energy or replicating, inhibiting any further growth.

The controlled release of the active ingredient provides powerful, effective antimicrobial protection for the lifetime of the product.

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Durable antimicrobial product protection for catering & hospitality

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