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Cedo Food Preparation

CeDo Limited is Europe’s biggest producer of own label and branded household disposables, including food and freezer bags, cling films, aluminium foil, bin liners, refuse sacks, hygiene disposal and bio-degradable bags used by millions of people on a daily basis.


In 2016 Cedo launched an exclusive range of cling film, foil and bakery parchment dispenser cartons protected with Biomaster antibacterial technology.

The company's cling film and food wraps are widely used in the catering industry to cover sandwiches and foods to be refrigerated or sealed to keep food fresh.

These products are provided with dispenser cartons protected with antimicrobial protective coating to help prevent the spread of bacteria within a food preparation environment.

Biomaster technology inhibits the growth of harmful microbes providing a “clean to touch” surface helping prevent cross contamination of bacteria from hand to carton and from carton back to hand.

The new Cedo display packs are also printed with a QR code, so that anyone with a smartphone reader can access a 20 second animated film explaining the benefits of Biomaster antibacterial technology.

The first stores to stock the new packs were a leading cash-and-carry food and drink wholesaler selling to around half a million customers in the UK from independent convenience stores, grocers, leisure outlets, pubs and restaurants.

Addmaster Marketing Manager Karl Shaw says: “This was the first application of antimicrobial technology in the market application of cling film, foil and bakery parchment products. It provides user confidence and measurable protection for everyone in a professional and domestic kitchen environment."

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