Why Scentmaster?

Scentmaster additive fragrance technology provides a truly unique selling point for your product range, adding extra value from a cost-effective investment.

Whether you’re looking to add a flavour or fragrance or block unwanted malodours we will have a solution for your needs.

Scentmaster additive fragrance technology is ideal for:

  • Educational products for use in multi-sensory playrooms and environments
  • Flavoured chew toys for domestic and agricultural animal welfare
  • Perfumed packaging for food, beverage and consumer products
  • Scented bin liners to mask offensive and unwanted malodours
  • ...and much more!

Why Scentmaster is different

Scentmaster additive fragrances are uniquely manufactured to allow flavours and fragrances to be supplied in high concentrations.

You can either select a scent from our standard range (including chocolate, apple, cherry and orange) or we can help you create a bespoke fragrance.

Our Scentmaster fragrance additives are implemented during the production process, and with addition rates usually 1% or lower you get a high quality fragrance and a cost-effective way of standing out in a crowded marketplace.

  • Effective scent marketing

    Our sense of smell is an extremely powerful tool which can trigger emotions, recall memories and influence our behaviours.

    As such, incorporating scent marketing techniques into your product ranges using Scentmaster can provide a unique selling point for your goods, as well as instilling brand loyalty with bespoke aromas.

  • How Scentmaster is added

    Scentmaster masterbatch fragrance additives are ideal for film and moulding applications including Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA).

    Incorporating Scentmaster fragrance technology into the manufacturing process ensures that all of the flavour or fragrance is protected and remains for long periods, even at temperatures up to 200°C.

  • Expert consultation & support free of charge

    Addmaster supports all of our customers throughout the production process, ensuring that your final Scentmaster fragrance is absolutely perfect.

    We don't charge licence fees for using our products, you get our expert technical, regulatory and marketing assistance free of charge to make the most of your investment in our additives.

Scentmaster case studies

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    Scentmaster additive technology allows you to implement realistic flavours and fragrances to your products, providing a unique point of differentiation.

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