Scentmaster Technology

Add flavours, fragrances or odour-masking qualities to your product range with Scentmaster.

Scentmaster's unique scent marketing formulation has been crafted to ensure your scented or flavoured plastics retain the subtle top notes of a high-quality fragrance.

The high temperatures required during polymer processing can often destroy or diminish the effectiveness of a scent, leading to unimpressive results.

With Scentmaster, all of the fragrance is protected, allowing your products to benefit from its fragrance technology for longer than standard additives.


How Scentmaster Works

Scentmaster additives are uniquely manufactured to allow flavours and fragrances to be supplied in high concentrations.

Scentmaster scent marketing technology has four main methods of application:

  • Long-lasting and highly concentrated fragrances
  • Deodorising benefits to absorb unwanted malodours
  • Long-lasting flavours from an exceptionally wide range
  • Blocking unwanted smells

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