Inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria and minimising the threat of cross-contamination is vital in hygiene-critical environments such as hospitals, care homes, food production lines, kitchen areas, dental or veterinary practices and schools.

Biomaster is easily added to any water, solvent, oil or powder based coating or lacquer to give effective and lasting antibacterial protection against harmful microbes.


Antimicrobial protection for paints & coatings

Providing powerful, long-lasting product protection, Biomaster antimicrobial technology is suitable for a wide range of coatings, paints, ink and lacquers for an array of applications.

Biomaster antimicrobial additives provide long-lasting and effective product protection against harmful bacteria, biofilm, fungi and mould for the lifetime of the end product without affecting its structural and physical qualities.

We’ll work closely with you to ensure that you get the right antimicrobial additive technology for your exact needs, taking into account the application of your paint or coating, the type of material it's treating and your production process.


Antimicrobial paints for walls, floors and ceilings

Biomaster is easily incorporated into any water, solvent or oil based paint or varnish to provide long lasting and effective antimicrobial protection.

Paints with antimicrobial technology can provide an added level of protection from harmful microbes in areas such as hospitals, care homes, food preparation areas and schools, where minimising the risk of cross-contamination is crucial.

Antimicrobial paints, coatings and varnishes treated with Biomaster are completely resistant to bacteria and mould – preventing odours and making them more hygienic and durable without affecting the final aesthetic finish.

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Antimicrobial powder coatings for high traffic areas

Antibacterial powder coatings provide a long-lasting level of efficacy against harmful microbes for thermoset and thermoplastic based powder coatings.

Suitable for any application where controlling bacterial transmission is key from bathroom fittings, food preparation benches and worktops to door handles and handrails on public transport.

Incorporating Biomaster antimicrobial technology into powder coatings does not affect the end colour or finish and will not degrade, wear off or leach out even after repeated cleaning and disinfecting.

Features & benefits

  • Independent testing

    All of our antimicrobial treated solutions are independently tested at a leading laboratory to ISO 22196 to ensure of a high quality efficacy against the microbes your product and end application requires.

  • Free of charge samples

    We can provide free-of-charge antimicrobial samples for you to test to ensure that incorporating Biomaster antimicrobial technology into your range of paints or coatings is as straightforward as possible.

  • Expert support - with no licence fees

    Unlike other antimicrobial additive suppliers, there are no licence fees for using our technology.  You get the support of our technical, regulatory and marketing experts free of charge to help make your product a success.

How Biomaster works

Biomaster can be added at any stage of the manufacturing process and is available in masterbatch, liquid or powder formulations for plastics, textiles, paper and coatings.

When bacteria come into contact with a Biomaster protected surface, the active antimicrobial agent prevents them from growing, producing energy or replicating, inhibiting any further growth.

The controlled release of the active ingredient provides powerful, effective antimicrobial protection for the lifetime of the product.

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