Verimaster technology

Covert anti counterfeit technology for brand protection and product verification.

Verimaster anti counterfeit technology uses sophisticated additives that are built-in during the manufacturing process and appear invisible until identified by a Verimaster detection unit.

Far more intuitive than traditional anti counterfeit techniques like holograms and watermarks, Verimaster anti counterfeit technology is a powerful addition to your products to protect your intellectual property.


How Verimaster Works

Verimaster anti counterfeit technology additives are detected via three standard methods:

  • Visual: a simple visual system that allows instant detection
  • Electronic signal: sounds or lights can be triggered or connected directly to a computer
  • Laboratory testing: in-house lab tests can detect individual additive combinations

If the sensor identifies that Verimaster particles are present, then the product is genuine and correctly manufactured.

If the sensor can't find Verimaster particles, then the product is fake, or has been corrupted.

Want to protect your brand from counterfeit goods with Verimaster anti counterfeit technology?

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