Biomaster Protected

Biomaster pioneered the use of silver based antimicrobial technology and our experience of introducing antimicrobial products around the world is unrivalled.

Using our Biomaster trademark to market your products can bring measurable benefits to your business and help your product stand out in a crowded marketplace.

The market for antimicrobial protected products is growing each year as brand owners and manufacturers meet a growing consumer demand.

The Biomaster Protected symbol can already be found in major retailers and best-selling products around the world, providing effective product protection where hygiene is critical.

Free Regulatory Advice

Biomaster antimicrobial additives are registered with the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Our team of regulatory experts work closely with our customers to ensure they are able to comply with the required regulations regarding the manufacture, importing and marketing of products incorporating Biomaster.

By using the Biomaster symbol on your products and in your marketing materials, you can rest assured that all claims are valid and regulatory requirements are fulfilled.

Free Technical Support

We’ll make sure you’re offered the best solution for your materials and your application, including advice on correct addition rate, ensuring you don’t overspend and add needless disruption to your production process.

Above all, if we don’t think your product would benefit from an antimicrobial agent then we’ll tell you.

Free Marketing Assistance

Effective marketing is the key to business success. To ensure the launch of a Biomaster protected product is successful, our marketing support service is available free of charge for all customers using the Biomaster logo.

We’ll support you with literature, video material and press releases, help promote your products at exhibitions and events and run joint campaigns on social media and email.

No Licence Fees

Unlike other suppliers, we do not charge licence fees for regulatory, technical and marketing support.

You’re able to utilise our years of experience and expertise to help make the most of your investment in Biomaster antimicrobial technology and ensure that your new product is a success.

For a no-obligation discussion on whether Biomaster is the best solution for your product needs, contact us today or download a brochure.

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