The highs before the lows

Lisa Brian - Addmaster
Written by Lisa Brian
Client Marketing

The calorific high from Christmas over-indulgence usually leads to post Christmas blues and the imminent guilt ridden New Year resolutions and dusting off the gym kit in preparation for the onslaught of ridding myself of those extra pounds. 

It’s a yearly cycle that will never really change – until I am prepared to. 

The dread of the gym starts from the 2nd of January, trying to get into the old gym kit, followed by the realisation that after finally squeezing myself into it, I am out of breath and ready for a cuppa.

I battle to the cross trainer, determined not to let the side down and do at least five minutes without setting the heart rate monitors off, alerting everyone to the fact that I’ve obviously not been here for the last 11 months.

I’ve enrolled for a class, and whilst I stand outside ‘Studio 1’ watching the High Intensity Yoga finish, the purple faced members exit and hang up the sweaty mats on the rack for the next person to use.

Only more recently as I’ve become older have I developed more of an aversion to this.  Probably because my immune system isn’t what it once was and I am more aware of the sweat and smells exuding from the mats – whilst attempting torturous press ups on my damp mat my mind wanders – I wonder whose sweat and bacteria I am sharing today?

Is it the nursery assistant, exhausted from dealing with all the rambunctious toddlers at playgroup? 

Or the hospital worker, after a long 12 hour shift, attempting to achieve inner peace before shower and much needed sleep?

It could be the policeman, straight from the beat, or even the chef after an unusually busy shift in a hot sweaty kitchen.  Each time I go I think of someone else it could be.

Of course all this could be prevented by using antimicrobial gym mats and equipment – with the use of Biomaster technology incorporated into the rubber of the mats, bacteria is inhibited from growing by up to 99.99% and it also prevents nasty odours.  

Oh the luxury of having a hygienic mat!  What would I focus on then to get me through the exercise – actually improving my technique? Probably yes as I wouldn’t be as concerned about touching the mat with my hands or face.

As I finally finish the class (I’ve been looking at the clock on the wall every minute for the last 45 minutes) purple faced, sweaty and shaky arms and legs, I stagger out and hang up the mat ready for the next unsuspecting victim.  

I smile guiltily at the sweet smelling girl who takes my mat ready for her class.  

Will she be wondering whose sweaty bacteria she is sharing?  The marketing manager who had garlic chicken last night, who has been on client visits since 8am this morning, musty from an overcrowded stuffy train, then sat festering in traffic for an hour to get to the gym - -URRGH!! 

Yes, that would be me!

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