The Collaboration Between Gen Phoenix and Addmaster

Paul Willocks
Marketing Manager (Addmaster)
The Collaboration Between Gen Phoenix and Addmaster

Gen Phoenix are a renowned manufacturer specialising in crafting premium recycled leather for automotive, public transport, aviation, and footwear applications. Their commitment to quality and innovation has led them to partner with Addmaster by leveraging Biomaster antimicrobial technology in their recycled leather.

Gen Phoenix's dedication to excellence aligns perfectly with Addmaster's mission to provide cutting-edge antimicrobial technology. Addmaster's Biomaster antimicrobial technology is a revolutionary additive that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria on surfaces. In the context of automotive and public transport interiors, where hygiene is paramount, integrating Biomaster into materials offers significant benefits.

Gen Phoenix brings extensive expertise in recycled leather craftsmanship, understanding the nuances of material properties and customer expectations. Addmaster, on the other hand, provides scientific insights and technical support to tailor Biomaster formulations according to Gen Phoenix's specific needs.

One of the primary concerns in automotive and public transport interiors is maintaining hygiene, especially in high-touch areas like seats, armrests, and steering wheels. Traditional woven materials can harbour bacteria and odours over time, compromising the driving and passenger experience and potentially degrading the product. By incorporating Biomaster into their production process, Gen Phoenix ensures that their products possess inherent antimicrobial properties, effectively inhibiting the proliferation of microbes and improving hygiene.

Beyond functionality, the collaboration between Gen Phoenix and Addmaster underscores a commitment to sustainability. Both businesses share the ethos of responsible production. From a sustainability perspective, the reuse and recycling of a waste product such as leather is a clear win, preventing thousands of tons of waste from entering landfill. By choosing Biomaster-treated recycled leather from Gen Phoenix, manufacturers can offer eco-conscious solutions without compromising on performance or quality.

The success of this collaboration is evident in the reception from both manufacturers and end consumers. Manufacturers appreciate the added value of Biomaster-treated recycled leather, enhancing the appeal of their offerings in a competitive market. Meanwhile, consumers benefit from the peace of mind knowing that the seat they are sitting on is protected 24/7 throughout the entirety of the journey.

The partnership between Gen Phoenix and Addmaster represents a synergistic blend of craftsmanship and technology. By harnessing the power of Biomaster, Gen Phoenix continues to redefine materials, setting new benchmarks for performance, hygiene, and sustainability.

GenPhoenix has recently been recognised by Fast Company in the World Changing Idea Awards for the 'Materials' category for 2024.

Gen Phoenix will also be exhibiting at the upcoming Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg between 28th and 30th May 2024. If you are visiting the expo you can find Gen Phoenix on stand 6E11.

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