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Biomaster Bag for Life feature on the BBC
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The Biomaster Bag For Life was featured on TV again during an investigation into how shopping bag habits have changed since the 5p bag tax was introduced in England in 2015.

During the Rip Off Britain episode, which first aired on BBC One on Tuesday 30th May, the team were responding to a viewer’s concern over the inconsistency of supermarkets either charging or not charging 5p for a disposable bag for raw meat, poultry or fish.

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According to the FSA, raw meat, raw fish, loose vegetables with soil on or any other foods that can carry potential food poisoning causing bacteria should be packed separately from the rest of your shopping and supermarkets should provide a free bag to help you do so.

However, as the programme discovered, the major supermarkets are sending out mixed messages for customers with some finding that they are being charged 5p for a disposable bag.

Are reusable bags causing a food poisoning risk?

This does raise the concern that customers re-using the same bags for different types of shopping can increase the risk of potentially deadly food poisoning bugs being spread as the outside of food packaging can be contaminated with bacteria such as E. coli and Campylobacter.

Leading UK food safety expert Dr. Lisa Ackerley comments: “Multi-use bags are a concern of many industry experts and this bag provides a solution to the problem. Being labelled “for raw meat only” raises awareness of having to keep raw meat and ready-to-eat foods separate. With Biomaster protection built into the bag there is the added bonus of reducing the likelihood of cross-contamination of dangerous bacteria such as campylobacter when purchasing and handling food".

A 2012 study found that when a similar bag tax was introduced in San Francisco 2007 there was a spike in emergency room treatment for E. coli infections, as well as a 46% increase in foodborne illness related deaths within the first three months of the ban, so ensuring that your shopping is packed correctly is key.

About the Biomaster Bag For Life

The Biomaster antibacterial bag for life prevents the growth of bacteria on the inner surface, which means that bugs like E.coli, Campylobacter and Salmonella, which can all cause food poisoning, cannot be transferred between shopping trips.

As well as pioneering the antibacterial bag for life, Addmaster has also partnered with bag manufacturer B&G Products, whose latest line of cool bags containing Biomaster antibacterial technology has already been picked up by two major UK retailers.

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Biomaster is not just available in bags.  It can be added into just about any plastic, fabric, paint or paper to provide long lasting and highly effective antimicrobial protection where it’s needed.

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