Keeping Microbes Away or Wasting Your Day?

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Written by Alice Pattinson

The team at the BBCs programme Trust Me I`m a Doctor have been working with Northumbria University to understand how disinfectants are used in our homes. The results are very interesting and perhaps not quite what you would expect…

I am sure many of us are familiar with antibacterial wipes, the handy solution for a quick clean and the added reassurance of a germ-free kitchen: or maybe not?

The Trust Me I`m a Doctor team measured the bacterial load found on three kitchen worktops following a thorough clean with antibacterial disinfectant wipes. The families involved were asked to avoid using these worktops but, otherwise, to continue daily life in the kitchen as normal.

Just an hour after the disinfectant was used, there was evidence of both bacterial and fungal growth on the worktop. By 12 hours post-clean microbial growth had increased dramatically to a significant level.

So, if the disinfectant effect can’t even last for one hour, how do we reduce the growth of harmful bacteria in our homes?

The missing link: 24-7 protection

When incorporated into a surface, Biomaster becomes an integral part of the material, providing round the clock durable protection for the lifetime of the surface.

Biomaster silver ion technology inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. Unable to produce energy or replicate, the bacteria landing on the surface can`t survive.


Perfect for that in-between clean protection, Biomaster is non-leaching and entirely safe technology.

You can’t see, smell or even taste Biomaster!

Biomaster protection for your home

Biomaster have partnered up with Sealwise, a company leading the revolution in recycled PVC alternatives to MDF board.

Available with Biomaster antimicrobial protection, and in range of colours, the easy clean surface provides a technologically innovative kitchen worktop solution.

Just one example of how Biomaster protection can be used in the home.

Visit the Biomaster Protected Partners page for more information on the antimicrobial products available for your home.

Looking to add Biomaster protection to your range of kitchen and home products? 


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