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It’s estimated that around 7-8% of all world trade conducted involves counterfeit goods, which can account for an estimated $1.7 trillion in global sales lost each year.

Whilst this has an obvious impact on brand owners’ profit margins, there’s also a real threat to a brand’s reputation if a customer ends up unwittingly in possession of an inferior product which doesn’t meet the same quality control standards as the real thing.

This also applies to product safety, where customers could find themselves at risk by using fake goods which might not be manufactured to the same safety protocols or with the same material as the legitimate manufacturers do.

For brand owners looking to protect their IP or add a verification step to their production processes then there is a solution in the form of Verimaster anti counterfeit technology additives, which can be incorporated during manufacturing.

Verimaster can help to identify authentic branded products, validate manufacturing processes so you know that the correct specification has been adhered to or check the age of a product if the contents are likely to expire.

How Verimaster anti counterfeit technology works:


Unlike traditional anti-counterfeit methods like holograms or watermarks, which can be easily mimicked, Verimaster is a uniquely covert system which is only detectable using a proprietary verification unit.

The unit can be programmed to recognise low doses of a single Verimaster additive or up to a hundred different combinations of additives to allow each application to have its own unique signature.

If Verimaster particles are found within the finished article then you know that the product is legitimate and the correct production processes have been followed.  If not, then your product might be fake, corrupted or your manufacturing procedures have been disregarded.

Unlike similar anti-counterfeit additives, Verimaster’s relative intensity requires less material in order for it to be detected, keeping addition rates low whilst protecting your brand’s reputation.


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