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How To Choose The Best Chemical Additive Supplier

Paul Willocks
Marketing Manager (Addmaster)
How To Choose The Best Chemical Additive Supplier

10 Services Your Antimicrobial Technology Supplier Should Provide For You

The demand for antimicrobial products is growing and as demand grows it is important to choose the right additive solutions supplier to help you protect your products from harmful microbes.

Whether you already incorporate antimicrobial additives into your products, or you are looking to start offering these to your customers, there are always questions which arise that you should be able to address with confidence.

To help you make the most of your antimicrobial technology we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the most important services you should expect from your additive supplier.

1. Differentiation from your competitors

Whether you want to grow market share without a price hike for your customers or provide added value to a new range, your supplier should help you to make a difference where needed in a crowded marketplace.

Adding an antimicrobial additive should provide a strong ROI and selecting a more effective technology with lower addition rates can help you achieve this.

2. A brand you can trust

You’ll want to work with a supplier who is already trusted by leading brand owners and one with a growing consumer brand that’s synonymous with antimicrobial technology and targeted hygiene.

Your supplier should actively help you promote your products to your customers and raise awareness with an existing network of partners.

3. Effective against the microbes you need

You need to be sure that your product is protected against the microbes you are targeting.

You should be able to achieve this through independent testing to ISO standard without affecting the final quality of your product.

4. Powerful but safe

Your antimicrobial additive should last for the effective working lifetime of your product, offering around-the-clock protection against harmful bacteria.

There are a number of harmful antimicrobials on the market that may not be considered safe so you should also check that it is non-leaching, safe for skin and food contact, as well as being listed and approved to the current Biocidal Product Regulations (BPR).

5. Expert technical support

You should be sure you’re offered the best solution for your materials and your application.

This includes advice on the correct addition rate, ensuring you don’t overspend and add needless disruption to your production process.

Above all, your supplier should have the integrity to say no if they think your product would not benefit from an antimicrobial agent.

6. Experienced manufacturing support

Whilst your antimicrobial additive may be able to be added anywhere within the supply chain, your supplier should work closely with you to understand your manufacturing process, material, and end product.

This means your additive can be seamlessly added at the optimal stage so as not to interfere with quality and process.

7. Informed regulatory assistance

Your supplier should be up to date with the latest updates and changes in legislation across the world and be on hand to ensure that any product claims you make are substantiated and compliant with current regulations, reducing your risk.

8. Thorough marketing support

As well as help avoid unsubstantiated claims, your supplier should be on hand to help you launch your new product through a network of well-connected marketing and PR channels, amplifying your existing marketing efforts.

9. Help your business grow

Your supplier should have a well-established reputation with first-class customer service and the resources to ensure that you never run out of stock when needed.

As demand grows for your product they should be able to help you extend into new markets with a global support and distribution network that covers all the corners of the world.

10. No hidden fees

Why should you pay twice?  The role of an additive supplier is one of partnership to ensure that all parties involved are happy with the end results.  This means that you shouldn’t have to pay license fees on top of your investment in any additives.

Addmaster has been leading the way with additive technology for nearly two decades.

Working with brand owners, manufacturers, and consumers across a wide range of industries we understand how important a good working relationship with your additive supplier is for a successful product launch and continued market growth.

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