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Gen Phoenix's Sustainable Leather Revolution

Paul Willocks
Marketing Manager (Addmaster)
Gen Phoenix's Sustainable Leather Revolution

Check out how Gen Phoenix, a valued client of Addmaster, is leading the charge in sustainable fashion with its innovative recycled leather. Based in the UK, Gen Phoenix is on a mission to rescue leather offcuts that would otherwise end up in landfills. Through groundbreaking technology, they transform these offcuts into a premium material sought after by fashion, footwear, and transportation brands alike.

Utilising a unique process, Gen Phoenix breaks down waste textiles into fibres and rebuilds them using recycled water, resulting in a recycled material that is not only environmentally friendly but also incredibly durable.

In 2023, the company achieved a significant milestone by introducing a new recycled leather material boasting an impressive 77% recycled content. This breakthrough product, developed in collaboration with Coach for their Coachtopia sub-brand, flew off the shelves within days of its launch. Additionally, Gen Phoenix partnered with renowned shoemaker Dr. Martens, further solidifying its position in the market. Dr. Martens was not only a commercial collaborator but also invested $18 million in Gen Phoenix, underlining their confidence in the company's vision.

Throughout the past year, Gen Phoenix has made substantial strides in reducing leather waste, diverting a whopping 800 tonnes from landfills. Moreover, their business experienced remarkable growth, with annual revenues reaching an impressive $30 million.

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