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Enhancing Hygiene in the Print Industry with Biomaster

Paul Willocks
Marketing Manager (Addmaster)
Enhancing Hygiene in the Print Industry with Biomaster

In a time when hygiene is paramount, it’s understandable why businesses across various sectors are seeking innovative solutions to offer customers added protection to their products. One such ground-breaking solution is Biomaster, an advanced antimicrobial additive that is helping to transform the landscape of hygiene management.

Biomaster provides powerful antimicrobial properties, driven by the integration of silver ion technology during the manufacturing process. Unlike traditional antimicrobial solutions, Biomaster goes beyond surface-level product protection. The silver ions penetrate materials, creating a lasting defence against bacteria, fungi, mould, and other microorganisms.

This innovative technology not only reduces existing microorganisms on treated surfaces but also inhibits the growth of new ones, ensuring a continuous and proactive defence against potential contaminants. The result is a comprehensive and long-lasting solution that enhances hygiene management from the core of the material itself.

For businesses in the print industry, specifically those where the circulation and handling of their printed materials is widespread, for example packaging, labels, or promotional literature such as in-flight magazines, Biomaster offers a strategic advantage as these materials are susceptible to the transfer of microorganisms as they pass through multiple hands.

It is here that Biomaster becomes an invaluable addition to the manufacturing process, providing an extra layer of product protection against unseen threats that can compromise hygiene standards. The integration of Biomaster into printed materials ensures that these products actively contribute to a cleaner, more hygienic environment.

Biomaster in Print

Beyond its antimicrobial properties, Biomaster is engineered to be highly durable and compatible with most paper specifications. Its versatility allows print businesses to seamlessly integrate Biomaster into existing manufacturing processes.

Furthermore, Biomaster does not alter the physical properties or appearance of the materials it protects. This means that businesses can maintain the aesthetic appeal of their printed materials while simultaneously enhancing their hygiene standards. Such a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics is a key selling point for businesses looking to invest in a comprehensive hygiene management solution.

As businesses continue to navigate the evolving landscape of hygiene and safety standards, Biomaster continues to be a reliable and effective solution. The integration of silver ion technology during manufacturing sets Biomaster apart and positions it as a proactive measure against the proliferation of microorganisms.

For businesses aiming to elevate their hygiene standards, Biomaster is a proven and invaluable enhancement to the manufacturing process and a great compliment to existing cleaning protocols. With its demonstrated efficacy, Biomaster serves as a key element in the pursuit of heightened hygiene management, placing the reduction of environmental microbes on articles at the forefront.

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