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Written by Lisa Brian
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If there’s one thing we are hearing all the time from health practitioners – drink more water. Whether at the gym, in the car, walking to work or sat at your desk, it’s a must to hydrate for several health benefits.

Over the last few years bottled water sales have increased continually as people move away from sugary drinks, but now the average person uses 150 plastic bottles a year - nearly three a week.  

In the UK, it’s estimated that 38.5 million plastic bottles are used every day, of which 15 million are not recycled. Terrible news for the environment.

With the war against single use plastics at an all time high, there is more pressure to be more environmentally responsible and invest in a reusable water bottle to hydrate on the go. It will save you money in the long run and you’re more likely to drink the recommended one to two litres of fluid a day.

Myself, I’m a little obsessed with consuming enough fluids. I have a few – one in the gym bag, one in the car and one on my desk at work, plus a couple of spares ensuring I drink the recommended amount of water each day as often as I can.  Plus, I like the different designs!

It really hit home for me when I saw my mum, suffering from high blood sugar and dementia drinking out of a small glass of water. ‘Are you drinking enough water mum? How many glasses do you drink each day mum?  It was a silly question because of course she couldn’t remember, and neither could my dad who takes care of her.  

Trying to solve the problem of her not drinking enough, or remembering to fill up the small glass, I bought her a reusable 1 litre bottle that dad could fill up each day.  At least then by the end of the day I would know how much she had consumed in the day. A useful tool to measure hydration

Another obsession of mine (not so healthy) is that of Love Island.  If there was one positive message to come out of the last series it was the personalised reusable water bottles all the contestants were given. Even Cosmopolitan featured an article on the latest water trends! They were selling like hot cakes!!!

I would pay up to about £15 for a fancy water bottle and so it was with amazement that I read about the latest reusable ‘designer’ bottles  (Fashion in a Bottle, The Grocer 16th March) that all the Hollywood celebrities are using as a status symbol – only a cool £45!  I need to up my game, I thought. But are they worth it?  

They might be if they had a really useful added feature. For example, antimicrobial technology that protects the bottle surfaces from the growth of bacteria in between cleans.

This protection would add around 5p to 10p to the price of a reusable bottle……perhaps a better investment that paying £45 for a celebrity endorsed version, or buying one because a Love Island contestant uses it?

This antimicrobial technology has really caused a storm in the reusable coffee cup market, but not reusable water bottles ….. at least not yet.

Whether you have a reusable bottle for the environmental benefits, or as a fashion statement, or both, your water bottle is personal to you and takes care of your basic needs.  It makes sense not to ignore potential health risks of it harbouring bacteria by asking for Biomaster protected bottle!

Keep Hydrated! Keep Cool! Keep Healthy!


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