Brexit….I think we are going to need a bigger boat

Written by Paul Morris
Founder, Addmaster (UK) Ltd.

Just when we think we are getting to grips with what Lockdown 2.0 is going to look like, there’s another variable looming that may just cause more havoc…Brexit!

Supermarkets running out of stock again, queues at the ports and travel chaos – these are all being reported as the most likely fallout of the impending Brexit deadlines. 

In 99% of the discussions that I have had with the business community the feedback about Brexit is always negative.

Why are we changing something that works ?

Can we believe the facts and figures people voted on ?

Why do we want to actually break free?

These are just a few of the comments that I hear - and I can understand them all.

Cards on the table. I really didn’t want us to leave the EU, but that’s because much of the disruption that it will cause will hit small and medium sized companies (SME’s). Running a business is hard enough without massive changes happening that could have been easily avoided.

But that’s not why I wrote this blog.

I was honoured to be appointed a Champion of Export by the Department of Trade and Industry two years ago to help other SME’s export more and to be aware of the fantastic support available to UK businesses. Surprisingly many people still are not aware of this support, or even worse, looked down on because some think that seeking advice is a weakness. 

In the Podcast which I recorded (see the link below) I talk to David James about how innovation is delivering international success and encourage us all to put on our entrepreneurial ‘super capes’ and take on whatever comes along with Brexit.

We also discuss how to use the amazing support of the Department of Industry and Trade to boost your exports and grow your business.

Will Brexit be painful? Probably.

Is this a good time to be leaving? No, with Covid-19 it could hardly be worse, but no one knew.

Will we get through it? Yes we will.

That’s because UK entrepreneurs are, in my opinion, one of the most resourceful and resilient business communities on the planet and whatever is thrown at us. We don’t just weather the storm, we use the storm to fly our kites.

We use every change to seek out new ways of working, new ways of enhancing our products and new ways to innovate.

When the single use plastic bag tax came in everyone talked about loss of business in making bags. At Addmaster we created (and patented) the world's first antimicrobial 'bag for life' and sales rocketed for retailers that adapted our Biomaster technology. 

We didn’t moan about the change, we embraced it, we innovated and we prospered. In fact we won our third Queens Award for Innovation this year for this concept.

Have a listen to the podcast link and see what you think the second bounce of the ball will be.

I would love to know your thoughts.

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