Appreciating the scope of Addmaster: perspective from a new starter

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Lisa Brian - Addmaster
Written by Lisa Brian
Client Marketing

On joining the team at Addmaster I was unfamiliar with ’antimicrobial’ additives and what the business sought to achieve.

I had researched prior to my interview and had tried to understand their markets for my presentation.  ‘Where would you want to see antimicrobial technology,’ my future boss had asked.

And so the journey of discovery began – everything I looked at and every activity I undertook – I questioned ‘Why doesn’t this include an antimicrobial?’

My house is relatively tidy and I give a good clean at least once a week – but with a Labrador and a 16 year old son its hard to keep on top of everything.  As soon as the floor is mopped and disinfected I will see a muddy paw print, or the wet footprint from a size 10 trainer.  As soon as the dishes are done, the sink will be full 10 minutes later, and don’t even get me started on the work surfaces.  Why don’t we have antimicrobial floors and work surfaces I asked myself.  Especially when my two year old niece came over.  All of a sudden I was aware that when she sat on the floor to play or dropped food and picked it up, antimicrobial protection could really support my daily / weekly cleaning activity. Even her bath toys harboured nasty germs.

Catching the train to London was another eye opener for me – all of a sudden I was aware of how many people actually touch the grab poles, whilst eating or cough and sneeze openly in a crowded public transport environment.

At the gym I suddenly found myself trying to get the mats at the back of the room that hadn’t been used in the class before, and weren’t damp with someone elses hard earned sweat.

When playing with my dog, or putting him to bed, I thought ‘an antimicrobial additive would be really useful in his toys, or incorporated in his bedding.’

On going to the supermarket I confidently packed my groceries into my antimicrobial shopper and began talking to the shop assistant telling her all about the technology that lined their reusable bags and how it helped to protect against cross contamination – I was converted and it seemed that everyone I spoke to thought exactly the same.  It’s a no brainer – why don’t we include this technology in higher risk areas.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the fact that the world is full of good and bad bacteria that we are exposed to daily.  But this could really help provide a more hygienic environment in high risk areas – particularly for people more susceptible to catching infections.  I was a convert! A champion for all things antimicrobial helping the world be a more hygienic place.  The possibilities are endless…infection control in healthcare; included in products in third world countries where hygiene is less prominent; protecting us from the dangers we can’t see at home, in the office or on public transport. I was getting very excited.

This job would be easy I thought – everyone will want to have it in their products - it will give them the competitive edge, and make their customer feel more confident about using or buying their products and services.  ‘Why don’t we know about this technology’ – said the Head of Customer Experience from a prominent public transport company. 

And so I set about working more with our clients with a vigour I’ve never felt before in a career – helping them to market their antimicrobial products more effectively, but also trying to inform the general public more about Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology. 

My CEO said to me ‘I want people to look for Biomaster products when they go to make a purchase, instilling confidence in them that they are choosing a more hygienic option.’

It’s the start of a long journey for me at Addmaster, but working with a company and a passionate team that is already a market leader I believe wholeheartedly in the benefits of their product and the benefits to our client’s.  

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