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One Step Ahead - Antimicrobial Resin Flooring

Paul Willocks
Marketing Manager (Addmaster)
One Step Ahead - Antimicrobial Resin Flooring

In the pursuit of the highest hygiene standards, sectors across the board are turning to innovative solutions. One such sector is flooring. The revolutionary concept of antimicrobial product protection reduces environmental contamination, whilst seamlessly blending the durability and resilience associated with polyurethane resin flooring.

At the heart of this antimicrobial flooring revolution lies Biomaster, an antimicrobial additive that actively inhibits the growth of harmful microbes. The integration of Biomaster’s silver-ion based treatment within the resin flooring material adds a layer of product protection against various pathogens. This not only elevates the flooring's hygiene quotient but also presents a long-lasting solution, even when subjected to heavy footfall.

Antimicrobial resin flooring should adhere to stringent standards, including ISO 22196. This benchmark evaluates a surface's antimicrobial effectiveness on non-porous surfaces, ensuring a consistently high level of hygiene. It is here that Biomaster leads the way.

Beyond hygiene, safety is paramount. Slip-resistant flooring mitigates the risk of accidents in industrial and commercial spaces. These floors, tailored to different environments, strike a balance between slip resistance and cleanability, offering a reliable solution for environments prone to spills and accidents.

Temperature fluctuations can also pose a significant challenge to flooring integrity. Antimicrobial polyurethane resin flooring can have impressive temperature resistance. This resilience extends to thermal cycling, preventing issues like cracking, debonding, delamination, or bubbling that may arise from sudden or prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures.

Moisture, a common adversary for flooring, can also lead to premature failure if not addressed adequately. Antimicrobial flooring, designed with moisture tolerance in mind, offer solutions to combat moisture vapour transmission through concrete substrates. Waterproof polymer surfaces not only endure exposure to liquids, spills, and intensive cleaning but also maintain their functionality, colour, and hygiene over an extended period.

Antimicrobial resin flooring containing Biomaster stands as a versatile and effective solution, offering industries a way to elevate hygiene standards while addressing various environmental challenges. This flooring evolution provides a solid foundation for creating cleaner, more hygienic, and more resilient spaces across a diverse range of sectors.

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