Addmaster + Polygiene = antimicrobial powerhouse

Written by Paul Morris MBE
Founder, Addmaster (UK) Ltd.

This is a very exciting time for Addmaster.

The company I founded twenty one years ago has been acquired by Sweden-based company Polygiene. It brings together two major players in the antimicrobial industry, creating a powerhouse providing all solutions for all applications. 

Polygiene was established following the 2004 SARS pandemic and today is the world leader in stays fresh technologies, including the antimicrobial and odour management products ViralOff, BioStatic and OdorCrunch.

Polygiene treatments make sure garments, footwear and textiles stay fresh and last longer. Polygiene’s vision is to transform the industry by offering a eco-friendly society with a more sustainable  approach to consumption. Over 200 global premium brands use the Polygiene brand with their products including Adidas.

What does this mean for Addmaster?

The acquisition will allow both companies to offer the market a comprehensive solution of antimicrobial functions, with Polygiene offering textiles while our Biomaster brand offers solutions for polymers, paints, coatings and paper.

Together, we will be dominant players in the supply of antimicrobial solutions for both soft and hard surfaces.

Biomaster has enjoyed massive growth in the last 12 months with applications in travel, retail and consumer products. The combined technologies will allow our clients to access the performance benefits of antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-odour efficacy for both soft and hard surfaces.

Polygiene’s vision is to fundamentally transform the industry, partly by encouraging consumers to change their behaviour and wash less, and partly by getting the industry to adopt our functions and by doing so be part of building an eco-friendly society with an approach to consumption that is more sustainable in the long term.

The aim is for Polygiene to be an important and active player in this development, particularly now that their offering is even more extensive.

We're looking forward to a great future together.




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