Incorporating Biomaster into our product has not only been easy but also given our products more credibility in the skincare market.

Asher Nathan
Asher Nathan Director of Innovation & Marketing

Biomaster is the silver based additive that makes our products unique in a challenging marketplace. The additive has become synonymous with the Dycem brand, and is what our business partners and clients have come to respect in terms of quality and performance.

Laura Dycem
Laura E. Wild Marketing Communications Manager

Plastribution have been working closely with Addmaster to offer unique and complementary technical solutions to antibacterial product development. Working together we are able to offer a unique combination of the best material choice for the application with a bespoke antibacterial package.

Martin White | Product Manager | Plastribution
Martin White Product Manager
Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd.

A significant objective of our products is to increase the safety of food production. Millions of working hours are lost annually due to food poisoning, and whilst diligence in temperature control is paramount, there is also the need to ensure that equipment is kept clean to avoid cross-contamination. The inclusion in our products of Biomaster provides added protection from cross-contamination and gives us a marketing advantage over many competitors.

David Carter | Commercial Manager | Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd
David Carter Commercial Manager

We use Biomaster and Scentmaster in our Binny™ Bin disposable sanitary bins. These additives have been critical to the success of our product. They also mean we can keep costs lower for customers as they eliminate the need for additional products as Binny™ sanitary bins contain all the required additives.

Simon Rothwell | Managing Director | Roftek
Simon Rothwell Managing Director
Aquatech Technologies Ltd.

We believe that forming a relationship with market leaders in their field is key to any start up company. The back up and support we have received from Addmaster to develop the Bsafe brand has given us the security and piece of mind to enter into an industry never explored before.

Derek Willan | Director | Aquatech Technologies Ltd
Derek Willan Director
Clean Pullcord

Biomaster provides protection 24 hours a day from bugs such as E.coli and MRSA which can build up on the surface of standard pullcords due to the multi-filament braided design. This addition has given our product a big advantage over competitors.

Carol Wothers | Sales Manager | Biomaster Clean Pullcord
Carol Wothers Sales Manager
SwanNeck Ltd.

We are happy to be working with Addmaster with Swanneck pens and our new hygiene product in development for the healthcare and hospitality sector. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Heather Hemmings | Managing Director | Swanneck Pens
Heather Hemmings Managing Director
ICI Dulux

Working with Addmaster to develop new innovations for Dulux has enabled us to break into new markets with our antibacterial Sterishield paint and also to combat counterfeiting with Verimaster

Dulux logo
Colin Pearce Global Interior Walls Group
PHD Marketing

LINPAC has been working with Addmaster for over five years developing Biomaster technology for red meat and poultry packaging, which suffers from a variety of microbial contamination issues. We have always found Addmaster's new product development services, technical support and focus on our customers' needs excellent. The Biomaster antimicrobial products are backed by thorough research and development and we are delighted to include them in our portfolio of packaging solutions for packers and retailers in the fresh food industry.

Joanna Stephenson
Joanna Stephenson Managing Director

Biomaster has been a critical factor in Medi-Shower's success within the Healthcare sector, but it is interesting to note that as new markets have opened for us outside Healthcare our customers demand for this high level of protection remains just as strong.

Medi-Shower Logo
Christie Allen Managing Director

Incorporating Biomaster has helped us create a unique selling point, adding value to our existing range of products and differentiating us from other mouthguard manufacturers.

OPRO logo
Lisa Crossley Marketing & Product Development Director
Harfield Components Ltd

Addmaster are a great company to work with. They are quick to respond to queries and questions and their product is second to none

Harfield Logo
Lisa McNally Sales and Marketing Administrator

There are many additives out there in the market, available at all sorts of prices but if a company is considering going to the trouble of adding additives to their product, then they should do it properly and use Addmaster.

Paul Huggins Testimonial
Paul Huggins Managing Director
Vectair Systems

As an innovator in hygiene, Vectair were looking for something that not only added extra value to our products but also had a specific benefit to the user too. With the use of Biomaster in selected products in our range, such as our soap dispensers, we can ensure our users have an additional hygienic protection, which is a huge bonus.

Vectair Logo
Louise Goldsmith Head of Marketing
Contour Showers

“Biomaster antibacterial protection is incorporated exclusively in our shower trays to provide long-lasting antibacterial protection and create an important point of difference for the use of our products in the healthcare sector.”

Contour Showers Logo
Marc Smith Marketing & IT Manager
Alert IT

We have been working with Biomaster for a number of years while introducing microbial protection into all our products. Their support has been exemplary from design and proving through to production support, including with fast delivery when we ran short.

David Godfrey
David Godfrey Managing Director