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Polygiene strikes a chord on World Music Day with Biomaster protection for instruments

Polygiene strikes a chord on World Music Day with Biomaster protection for instruments

Polygiene® is pulling out all the stops for World Music Day – a global celebration of the wonders of music taking place on 21 June 2022.

First launched 40 years ago in France, the aim of the initiative is to provide people with free access to music of all types, making music available to everybody no matter their heritage or background. There are free concerts and people are encouraged to sing or take up an instrument. Last year more than 1,000 cities across the world celebrated World Music Day. 

“Music is not only a fantastic creative outlet, but it can also have many health benefits,” say World Music Day organisers. “When you listen to a particular song it can bring back a happy memory or make you feel energised. 

“Studies suggest that listening to music can have a number of positive effects on your health and mental wellbeing. As well as enhancing your performance of exercise, it can also provide a huge amount of comfort … and listening to relaxing music can also decrease stress levels.”

To mark World Music Day, Polygiene is highlighting the shift towards more hygienic and sustainable musical instruments to help deliver greater access for generations to come.

Warwick Music Group, for instance, which has developed the world’s first family of plastic instruments, last year became the first company in the world to protect its instruments with Polygiene BioMasterTM antimicrobial technology.

The UK firm launched the original pBone – a trombone made entirely of recyclable ABS plastic – in 2010 as a more affordable, lightweight version of its brass equivalent. The pBone is now the biggest selling trombone in the world. 

BioMaster not only protects the outside of the instrument from microbial cross-contamination from hands and contact from other surfaces, but the technology also helps prevents it from developing bad odours from within. 

Polygiene BioMaster technology is also being applied to equipment for listening to music. The award-winning Swedish fashion tech brand Happy Plugs, for example, has introduced a new range of BioMaster protected wireless headphones.

Published studies have revealed that frequent use of earphones significantly increases bacterial growth in the ear. Polygiene BioMaster antimicrobial technology built into Happy Plugs’ new Air 1Zen range inhibits the growth of harmful microbes and the protection is effective for the lifetime of the product with no harmful effects.

Lisa Brian from Polygiene comments: “We are excited to join the World Music Day celebrations and support this great initiative to make music accessible to all. By contributing to the safe and sustainable use of musical instruments, we are happy to help people of all ages enjoy the day and encourage music-making for centuries to come.”

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