Polygiene – 'Out Of The Box' Thinking For Packaging Innovation

Polygiene – 'Out Of The Box' Thinking For Packaging Innovation

London Packaging Week – September 21st – 22nd – London Olympia

At London Packaging Week 2022, Polygiene® will be encouraging brands to think outside the box and harness the power of additive technology to enhance and improve the environmental credentials of their packaging and products. 

This event focuses on creating a more sustainable future for packaging and is set to drive innovation, business, and networking within the UK's luxury and consumer products market. Held at the London Olympia, there will be four co-hosted events featuring over 100 exhibitors and lively panel discussions and debates.

A practical solution to minimize environmental impact 

By inviting brands to think of a package as a blank canvas and with the end purpose of that packaging in mind, Polygiene will showcase how their additive technologies can be utilized during the design process to enhance and add value to a product. Perfectly in keeping with the London Packaging Week's focus on improving sustainability in the industry, Polygiene’s additives offer a practical solution to the issue of the environmental impact of products and their packaging.

During the event, Polygiene will showcase the brand's two protection products, Polygiene BioMaster™ and Polygiene VeriMaster™, alongside the freshness technology, Polygiene ScentMaster™.

Polygiene BioMaster: increasing re-use, reducing waste

Polygiene BioMaster is set to draw much interest at this year's event, thanks to the industry's desire to improve its sustainability ratings. An innovative antimicrobial additive that reduces bacterial, fungal, and viral growth on the surface of packaging, Polygiene BioMaster can be applied to plastic, textile, and paper packaging. Packaging and products treated with this product benefit from lower microbial cross-contamination, making them safe for re-use and thereby reducing waste. 

The applications of this additive technology are wide. With its ability to inhibit the growth of common food-borne bacteria, Polygiene BioMaster is used with great success in reusable coffee cups, water bottles, shopping bags, and in-home delivery packaging.

A more circular way of shipping products

Polygiene has also partnered with the American brand Returnity to promote circular packaging to minimize single-use packaging waste. The brand treats its packaging with Polygiene to promote a more hygienic package that the consumer can return to be used again and again. Brands using this service as a forward-thinking option for a more circular way of shipping products include New Balance and Walmart. 

Polygiene VeriMaster: built-in security against fake goods

Polygiene will also be highlighting the benefits of Polygiene VeriMaster. This fail-safe technology enables a brand to use additives on their packaging and products that serve as a unique identifier, thus guarding against the ever-growing problem of fake goods. Suitable for use in a range of materials, this additive can be used on commonly counterfeited goods such as wines, spirits, and high-end fashion. Many brands are now utilizing this clever technology as part of their quality control procedures too, where the fast and easy identification process allows them to streamline this process. 

Polygiene ScentMaster: bespoke scents to enhance your brand

Another additive that is forecast to attract attention at the London event is Polygiene ScentMaster. Polygeine’s highly concentrated fragrance technology can add value to luxury packaging by adding a beautiful complimentary scent. Fragrances including green apple, lemon, strawberry, peach, and pine have been developed, and Polygiene is delighted to liaise with brands regarding bespoke scents. 

With introduction rates of typically less than 1%, the cost-effective Polygiene ScentMaster can also be used to deodorize packaging. By combating malodours, it adds value by enhancing the overall opening experience. Formulated to retain the clarity of the scent's top notes, the fragrance remains fresh and stable over time, making this additive suitable for products with a long shelf life. 

Visitors to London Packaging Week 2022 at the London Olympia, 21-22nd September, are invited to join Polygiene on stand M32. 



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