More Antimicrobial Product Protection For DDC Dolphin

More Antimicrobial Product Protection For DDC Dolphin

More Antimicrobial Product Protection For DDC Dolphin

DDC Dolphin was founded in 1991 and is a leading manufacturer of infection-control equipment for the healthcare sector.

DDC Dolphin safeguards patients and clinicians from infection by providing a complete sluice/dirty utility room solution for hospitals and care homes.

The company manufactures, installs, maintains and audits medical pulp macerators, bedpan washer disinfectors, sluice room stainless steel furniture and consumable products. It has invested in antimicrobial coatings and hands-free technology to drive innovation in the sector.

World-class infection prevention specialist DDC Dolphin has added more antimicrobial product protection to some of its advanced bedpan washer disinfectors.

DDC Dolphin’s Panamatic Midi, Maxi, Optima 2 and Optima 3 bedpan washers have all had recent updates to further enhance their performance and economy.

The updates include more antimicrobial product protection for:

  • New Midi – The protected touch area is 2.5 times larger than on the previous model. The lid and front panel now have antimicrobial product protection. Previously it was just in the lid
  • New Maxi – Now with antimicrobial product protection (front panel and decals)
  • New Optima 2 – Antimicrobial product protection is now in the front panel and lid, making the protected area 2.5 times bigger. Previously this protection was just in the lid
  • New Optima 3 – Now with antimicrobial product protection (front panel and decals)

DDC Dolphin specifies award-winning Biomaster antimicrobial product protection for its bedpan washer disinfectors and medical pulp macerators.

Biomaster is a world leader in the use of silver-ion technology. Its antimicrobial product protection is moulded into the plastics used in the manufacture of DDC Dolphin products.

The silver ions work at a cellular level, disrupting the DNA of bacteria. This stops them from growing or replicating, so they die.

Silver is inorganic and non-leaching so, unlike organic antimicrobial technologies, it remains within the product to which it has been added.

It becomes an integral part of the product, preventing the growth of bacteria – without the high toxicity associated with other metals.

DDC Dolphin Marketing and HR Director Zoe Allen said: “We’ve been building tried and trusted Biomaster antimicrobial product protection into our sluice room equipment for many years. Our latest series of upgrades has given us the opportunity to increase this powerful protection – benefiting hospitals and care homes all over the world.

DDC Dolphin develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of sluice room machines. Its products include:

  • Bedpan washer disinfectors
  • Medical pulp macerators
  • Incontinence product macerators
  • Vacumatic waste management system
  • UVC water trap disinfector
  • UV air purifiers
  • Stainless steel furniture
  • Sluice room consumables

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