Bio5 launches stationery with superpowers

Bio5 launches stationery with superpowers

Biomaster partner Bio5 is introducing a new range of antimicrobial writing and paper products made in the UK. In the current climate, awareness of hygiene is paramount, where schools and children are one of the focus areas. Bio5 has worked with BioMaster to create a range of high-quality stationery products with the added benefit of antimicrobial technology.

All Bio5 stationery products have an inbuilt antimicrobial coating which continually reduces microbial levels on the surface, 24/7. The protection lasts for the useful lifetime of the product. Bio5 antimicrobial pencils also show a reduction in SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, by 99.7%*.
The Bio5 message is brought to life with an injection of fun, highlighted by the Bio5 brand microbe-fighting superheroes. Each piece of stationery has its own superhero and as a team they form a story for children and schools to engage with to generate real excitement about using their tools.
The manufacturers say that these classic cartoon characters and the innovative packaging help meet the need in the stationery market for something different and dynamic in the hygiene mission.
?Mindful of the responsibility to the environment, Bio5 stationery is also made from advanced technologies including sustainable timber and are manufactured in the UK to reduce their carbon footprint.

Bio5 co-founder and Managing Director Alistair Wheatley explains: “
It has been a huge challenge to find the UK manufacturers for all our sustainable products because the Asian market’s lower prices have left this once thriving manufacturing area desolate. We have achieved this and now all our products are made here in the UK which meet the high level of quality our customers require. We hope with our customers support and the unique antimicrobial technology that Bio 5 offers parents and children alike will love our concept and help rebuild Great British manufacturing and choose Bio5 for all their stationery needs.” 

This is a great and exciting example of how the ‘new normal’ will look in the aftermath of the pandemic, where increased focus will be on hygiene solutions. I think we all can agree on the fact that places where children meet, work and play are breeding grounds for microbes and therefore these innovative, sustainable and locally produced stationeries have such potential”, says Ulrika Björk, CEO Polygiene.

*When tested to ISO 21702 a reduction in SARS COV2 of 99.7% was seen after 24 hours when compared to a control.

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