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Equine thrush is an infection that affects the hooves of many horses and ponies. 


In classic cases it results from the softening and damage to these soft tissue structures of the horse’s foot through standing on wet, dirty bedding and it can cause a range of problems including discolouration, discharge, discomfort, unpleasant odour and lameness.

Although there are many hoof oils, waxes and ointments available on the market there is little or no scientific evidence to show they are effective against bacteria and fungi. 

Silverfeet antimicrobial hoof balm is a unique blend of natural ingredients developed by Silverfeet and Addmaster (UK Ltd) containing Biomaster antibacterial protection.

Laboratory experiments have shown Silverfeet prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi sampled from infected hooves within just hours of application.

Reduced levels of bacteria and fungi result in a stronger, healthier hoof.

Silverfeet antimicrobial hoof balm has a pleasing smell and is formulated to a non-spill but easy-to-apply consistency. It is available in four colours; natural, girly pink, boys’ blue and black; designed to encourage children to actively participate in hoof care.

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