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OPRO mouthguards are used by some of the world’s best known athletes.


The company is the Official Mouthguard of England Rugby and England Boxing in addition to being official mouthguard suppliers to England Hockey, New Zealand Rugby and the Wallabies in Australia.

OPRO is also the only fully national school and club organisation to cater for sports players of any age with custom fit mouthguards made by registered dental surgeons. 

OPRO mouthguards are also available with optional Biomaster antimicrobial protection added to the mouthguard and mouthguard case.

Biomaster works 24 hours a day to actively inhibit the growth of most types of harmful bacteria and makes the mouthguards and cases cleaner and more hygienic for their entire lifetime.

OPRO is also a Queen’s Award for Innovation recipient in recognition of its ground-breaking work in improving children’s and sports players’ oral protection and the first mouthguard manufacturer in the world to achieve CE Type Certification to the latest standards.

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