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NHS infection prevention teams face increasing number of challenges as they try to address the issue of waterborne bacterial infection especially those that have become antibiotic resistant.


Medi-Shower is an award-winning shower system designed to tackle the challenge of bacterial growth and bio-film build up in showers. 

It comprises an antimicrobial embedded shower head and hose with a colour coded removable spray insert for infection control.

This system is fully contained, including the head, hose and inserts. This makes it cost-effective and absolutely sustainable.

Unlike competing solutions, there are no nooks for bacteria to easily adhere to, reducing cleaning times and the need to replace shower heads.

Medi-Shower is helping reduce waterborne bacterial infection in hospitals while significantly lower in cost, waste, water and labour. In 2016 LNorthern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust updated 179 showerheads with Medi-Shower units.

Medi-Shower reduces waste to zero over its 5 year lifetime. Its colour coded inserts are replaced and recycled each quarter, making it easy to monitor.

The shower head contains inbuilt Biomaster technology, which is effective against most common types of bacteria including Legionella, Pseudomonas and MRSA and remains active for the lifetime of the product.

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