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Atlas Copco is a global supplier of medical gas supply systems, including BeaconMedæs and Pneumatech, leading brand names in the supply and installation of piped medical gas distribution systems in hospitals around the world.


The BeaconMedaes Medipoint gas alarm system and the Pneumatech Zeus alarm system are designed to provide safe and reliable monitoring of medical gas pipelines. Both systems alert multiple hospital staff in different areas of alarm conditions.

Each alarm system is equipped with a touch panel covered with a plastic membrane. Medical facilities require ultra clean and often sterile environments, so to help minimise the risk of cross-infection the plastic membranes have built-in Biomaster antibacterial technology.  

As part of the quality control procedure, all of the user accessible parts in both systems also incorporate a Verimaster safety taggant to check that Biomaster has been added during the manufacturing process. 

Andy Tudor, Product Development Manager at Atlas Copco explains: “More and more focus is made of reducing cross infection in the hospital environment. Biomaster and Verimaster additives provide a unique selling point for both our brands.

But we also wanted to go one step further, so as an ethical stand point Atlas Copco Medical have decided to try and incorporate Biomaster and Verimaster additives in all patient facing products we manufacture.

Whilst this is often something we cannot charge for, as a morale obligation we feel it is the right action to take – afterall most of us are hospital patients or visitors ourselves at some time in our life”.

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