Far more effective than a watermark or a hologram, which can be easily manipulated or imitated, Verimaster technology adds a new level of protection for your brand and products.

Choose Verimaster additive technology for your product range to protect your customers from fake goods and your profits from fraudulent activity.

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Why Verimaster?

Innovative security technology

Verimaster anti-counterfeit additives for brand protection and product verification

Counterfeiting is a growing problem

It’s estimated that around 7% of all world trade is in counterfeit goods, accounting for around $1.7 trillion in lost global sales.

As well as causing financial problems for brand owners and businesses, fake products can pose public health concerns and contribute to unethical labour practices.

More effective than traditional deterrents

We’re all used to seeing holograms, seals, watermarks and other unconcealed anti-counterfeit protection measures which are used by brand owners to protect their intellectual property.

However, these methods are never effective for long as they are easily forged by counterfeiters and their increasingly sophisticated methods of replication.

Why Verimaster is different

Verimaster anti-counterfeit additives provide a covert, fool-proof verification system that is incorporated into the manufacturing process so its effectiveness never diminishes.

Our additives can be identified at extremely low doses by specialist detector units which can be programmed to locate a single additive or up to 100 different combinations.

Verimaster is ideal for:

  • Identifying authentic branded consumer goods
  • Validation of manufacturing and production processes
  • Batch traceability to easily determine the age of a product


How Verimaster is added

Verimaster additives are available in masterbatch, liquid and powder forms and are suitable for all polymers, papers, textiles and paints & coatings.

With low addition rates and ease of application, Verimaster adds a powerful extra level of protection to your product range or manufacturing process allowing you to safeguard your profits with a low cost investment.

Expert consultation & support free of charge

Addmaster supports all of our customers throughout the production process, ensuring you can add brand security solutions to your products without disrupting your workflow.

We don't charge licence fees for using our products, you get our expert technical, regulatory and marketing assistance free of charge to make the most of your investment in our additives.


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  • Working with Addmaster to develop new innovations for Dulux has enabled us to break into new markets with our antibacterial Sterishield paint and also to combat counterfeiting with Verimaster

    Dulux uses Verimaster to protect products against counterfeiting
    Colin Pearce | ICI Dulux Global Interior Walls Group
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