Tangle Angel

It might seem like a very harmless household item, but your hairbrush is a perfect breeding grounds for germs.

Research has shown that one hair follicle alone can harbour over 50,000 germs and hairbrushes can collect hair, dead skin and residues of hair products which can become sticky and attract dirt. 

Celebrity stylist Richard Ward set out to create a brush that not only detangles and looks good, but has the added benefit of antibacterial protection. 

The result was Tangle Angel, a new professional detangling brush with Biomaster embedded in the plastic. 

Tangle Angel is much safer to use than any other hairbrush on the market and the antibacterial protection works 24/7 for the lifetime of the product.

The range has since expanded to include Tangle Cherub, Tangle Angel Extreme, Tangle Angel Mini, Baby, Shine Angel and even Pet Angel all in a range of colours and sizes and all featuring Biomaster antibacterial technology.

The Tangle Angel range is available directly through Richard’s website and salons as well as Amazon and the QVC channel.

Tangle Angel has also been used to help the Duchess of Cambridge achieve her famous hairstyle

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Biomaster additive technology adds value to Tangle Angel products
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