Resincoat is the UK’s leading manufacturer of epoxy and polyurethane floor and wall coating systems. 

The company supplies a dedicated range of antimicrobial paints for a wide range of environments especially those that require a specific level of hygiene. 

Resincoat Antibacterial & MRSA Resistant Paints are tested to ISO 22196 and contain Biomaster technology.

Resincoat  MRSA floor paint is one of few on the market proven as 99.9% MRSA resist, making it an ideal choice for hospitals, healthcare facilities and GP surgeries. 

Resincoat also supplies a kennel and cattery paint is great for environments where infection control is key. This antibacterial coating is animal safe perfect for animal centres, kennels or catteries.  

The Resincoat food safe kitchen floor paint is ideal for commercial kitchens and floors where a hygienic surface is required. This antibacterial paint can help you comply with Food Safety Regulations. 

Resincoat also supplies antibacterial wall coatings, typically used in dentist waiting rooms, GP surgeries or in hospitals. The wall coatings are supplied in a range of colours. 

Find out more about the Biomaster protected Resincoat range.

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