Pinpoint Limited creates reliable, easy-to-use systems for protecting staff in the workplace, especially in frontline environments where workers are vulnerable to attacks.

The company has installed and implemented thousands of staff safety system bringing personal safety and peace of mind to businesses throughout the UK, Ireland and the USA.

Pinpoint alarm systems were originally developed for psychiatric hospitals and schools for children with special needs, however the increase in workplace assaults extends to all types of working environments including A&E services, general hospital wards and schools of all types.

Since 2019 Pinpoint alarm technology has also been adapted to general hospital care. The WristPIT is a bespoke patient call transmitter designed to be worn on the wrist.

This wrist-worn personal infrared transmitter (WristPIT) is easily accessible and allows patients to activate a call for even if they are away from their bed or a fixed call-point.

All Pinpoint surface parts that are in frequent contact with users are protected with Biomaster antimicrobial technology. This includes all transmitter (perpetual PIT, badge PIT, battery PIT) and other plastic/rubber components.

Biomaster technology is incorporated into these components during manufacture, inhibiting the growth of contaminating bacteria 24/7 for the lifetime of the product.

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