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Jamm Products

Based in St Ives Cornwall, Jamm Products Ltd is a UK business specialising in low tech innovation. The company’s products are made in Britain and exported worldwide.

The Hands-Free Door Handle is a clean and convenient way for people to exit washrooms without coming into contact with contagious germs.

The device is a simple retro fit to most doors via two drilled holes and, once fitted, it removes the need to touch door handles. 

The Hands-Free Door Handle also has inbuilt Biomaster antibacterial protection. Biomaster inhibits the growth of bacteria of any bacteria that find their way onto the door handle and is effective 24/7 for the lifetime of the product.

The device's anti-ligature design has been mechanically tested in UK laboratory conditions to withstand severe forces and is certified as a Grade 4 handle (BS8424:2004) - 'suitable for severe duty' - which certifies use in facilities up to prison standard.

It can also save on the number of paper towels used in washrooms. They are often used by washroom visitors as a germ barrier between their hands and the door handle.

The Hands-Free Door Handle removes the cost of collection, disposal and replenishment of paper towels used in this way.

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Biomaster technology is incorporated within the hygienic Hands-Free Door Handle
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