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BPMpro (Body Performance Measurement) is wearable data logger technology that uses a small, lightweight sensor to stream movement data to bespoke software for immediate on-screen comparison to assess progress and recovery trends. 

It is used extensively by orthopaedic surgeons and professional sports scientists to gather data on the range and quality of joint movement.

The wireless BPMpro sensor is attached to the limb under test and streams live movement data to software which displays the results on a live animated avatar and records them in a table for immediate on-screen comparison to assess progress. 

The high performance sensor employs Bluetooth connectivity to relay data to specially-designed patient-centric software. The sensor is made from soft touch polymers which incorporate innovative Biomaster antibacterial technology to inhibit the growth of surface bacteria, offering effective protection against infection or cross-contamination for the lifetime of the product.  

BPMpro technology is the first orthopaedic analysis tool to deliver live, accurate, cost-effective assessment of the range and quality of joint movement. In the era of patient-reported outcome measures, BPMpro adds a new dimension to post trauma assessment and the remote monitoring of patients in the critical weeks after surgery.

The housing of the BPMpro sensor is also protected by Biomaster antibacterial technology. This inhibits the growth of bacteria, providing lifelong protection against the threat of cross-contamination.

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BPMPro device with Biomaster