Atlas Copco uses built-in Biomaster antibacterial technology

Albis plastic

ALBIS PLASTIC GmbH is one of Europe’s leading plastic distributors and specialists for compounding of technical thermoplastics.

ALBIS offers the plastic processing industry a diverse product range of high performance plastics, compound solutions and masterbatch. 

ALBIS also provides the option of using pre-approved, pre-compounded materials and masterbatches with Biomaster antibacterial properties for hygiene-critical areas of use.

Biomaster complements the company’s existing portfolio of masterbatch and compound products for medical and pharmaceutical applications by giving various types of polymer permanent protection against the growth of germs and bacteria.

These ALBIS products involve both Masterbatches (ALBIS Additive-Batch Hygienic Material) as well as Compounds (ALCOM Hygienic Material). 

ALBIS Product Manager Sam Anson explains: “Working with a compound allows efficacy tests to be performed on the compound’s formulation, providing peace of mind that no matter how the plastic part is formed, the antimicrobial protection will be built in and pre-approved.” 

The Hamburg-based company has 17 subsidiaries and is represented in many European countries as well as North Africa, the Far East and North America. 

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Biomaster complements a range of Albis products