Brexit still keeping UK businesses guessing, says Addmaster CEO


Addmaster CEO & Founder Paul Morris told Radio Stoke this week that time wasted by UK companies trying to plan for the uncertainties of Brexit could have been better spent growing their businesses.

With one year to go before Britain is scheduled to leave the EU, Paul was interviewed by presenter Sophie Calvert in a vox pop of local businessmen.

He is also a member of a team set up to encourage and inspire local businesses to export internationally, the Midlands Engine Export Champions Programme, comprising 28 high profile business leaders from across the region who offer their expertise and advice to inspire companies to export and support existing exporters looking to expand into new markets.

Paul told Radio Stoke listeners: “Businesses really don’t like uncertainty. That's why most of them were against leaving because they could foresee the situation we have presently.

Logically, for any country trying to leave an institution like the EU, the exit was always going to be painful. Any perceived gains will probably only be equal, at best, to the cost and time spent in negotiating the deal.

For the next year we will have good and bad news thrown at us regularly - and even at this stage we can see that this process will take a lot longer than March 2019.

In the meantime, we have to second-guess, or third-guess what the outcome might be. It's very frustrating when you consider that we could have just been concentrating on business growth."

Paul believes it's not all gloom and doom. "The UK has a reputation for entrepreneurial spirit and so whatever the outcome, new rules, new tariffs, we will still prosper. 

What we will never know, however, is what we might have achieved were we able to put all our energy into our businesses and not have to divert time and energy to plan for all the unknowns."

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