Addmaster wins a third Queen's Award for Enterprise

Meet our new Sales Manager Addmaster's Dr Sandrine Garnier

“In these extremely difficult times it’s nice to able to share a bit of good news with our customers, stakeholders, friends and colleagues.

I am delighted to announce that we have completed a hat-trick of Queen's Awards for Enterprise with our first ever win in the Innovation category. 

It is the perfect 20th anniversary present for Addmaster, as we have also again posted record sales from supplying our hundreds of clients.

Winners in the Innovation category have benefited from outstanding commercial success by developing a unique product or service.

Our Innovation Award recognises our contribution to improving public hygiene and eliminating plastic waste by creating a range of reusable plastics, including an antimicrobial coffee cup and the first antimicrobial ‘bag for life’. 

Around 30 million bags have now been treated with Biomaster technology and we are confident that our reusable coffee cup will also be hugely successful.

The 'bag for life' and the antimicrobial reusable coffee cup are just two examples out of hundreds of antimicrobial products we have developed. They all demonstrate the important role our technology plays in reusing plastics and textiles products with additional hygienic product protection. 

Of course the importance of hygiene is very much on everyone’s agenda at the moment.

I am pleased to say that Biomaster technology is currently being used in many items such as coatings, screens, nurses’ scrubs and PPE equipment to support social care and the NHS, including the new Nightingale Hospitals. This technology is also exported around the globe to help other countries fighting the pandemic. 

On behalf of Addmaster UK Ltd, I would like to thank everyone who has helped us reach this incredible milestone in our company’s history.”

Dr. Sandrine Garnier – Managing Director


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