Addmaster supports new goals for Bully


Addmaster is supporting Wolves legend Steve Bull in his mission to raise money for charities in the Black Country and the West Midlands.

The Steve Bull Foundation provides support in the form of grants mainly to assist young people, the disabled, the homeless, the sick and the disadvantaged.

Steve says: "I want this charity to help as many worthwhile causes as possible from all sectors of the community. 

I know it’s just not possible to help everyone, but if we can raise the awareness of Charities in the area as well as raising loads of cash for deserving causes then I’ll be well pleased.  

Thank you to Addmaster for donating to the Foundation again this year. The money we raise means we can continue to provide valuable support." 

Addmaster CEO and Founder Paul Morris says: " The Steve Bull Foundation have impressed me immensely with their dedication to charitable causes and their tireless fundraising”.

To find out more about the fantastic work Steve has done for charities so far, or to make a donation, visit the Steve Bull Foundation website.

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