Addmaster at SOFHT Summer Soirée

Addmaster at SOFHT Summer Soirée

Addmaster is exhibiting at the SOFHT (Society of Food Hygiene Technology) inaugural Summer Lecture and Evening Soirée in the Tower Suite and gardens of Drayton Manor Theme Park on 13 July.

SOFHT Chair Ian Booth and Vice Chair Fiona Kibby will be presenting ‘Collaboration Across the Food Industry’. 

The presentation will look at the important role that organisations such as SOFHT can have in bringing together the various elements of the food industry. 

They will look at how suppliers, distributors and retailers can work together, as well as the changing role of regulators in helping to bring a more collaborative approach. 

The important role of food hygiene education also will also be discussed, along with ways of how we can encourage the next generation of food scientists to join this fast paced and exciting industry.

To find out more about this relaxed afternoon of networking and socialising with colleagues and friends from within the food industry visit the SOFHT website.

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