Our Masterpiece range covers just about every application that you could require from an additive solution.

From anti-static to hydrophobic qualities, colour-changing to flame retardant properties, we work closely with you to create a truly bespoke product.

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Masterpiece Technologies

Bespoke additive solutions for almost any application

Masterpiece Bespoke Solutions

Masterpiece was formed as part of Addmaster’s ongoing commitment to research and development, providing an extensive range of additives with unique properties.

Unlike other companies, we won’t just supply off-the-shelf products that may not be an exact fit.

When you start a project with our Masterpiece team we work towards creating a personalised solution that will add real value and extra benefits to your products or manufacturing process.

Masterpiece technologies include:

  • Processmaster processing aids
  • Staticmaster anti-static additives
  • Hydromaster hydrophobic properties
  • Detectamaster metal dectactable additives
  • Odourmaster and Freshmaster anti-odour qualities
  • UVmaster to protect products from ultra-violet rays


In addition, Masterpiece can provide advice on colour particles, flame retardant properties and multiple combinations of products including Biomaster, Verimaster and Scentmaster.

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Free Masterpiece consultation

If you have a requirement for a bespoke additive solution that is not able to be rectified by standard products, contact Addmaster today for a free consultation.

Unlike other companies, we don’t charge you licence fees.  To enable you to get the most value from your investment in our additives we provide expert technical, regulatory and marketing advice free of charge.


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