What does Addmaster do?

As Europe's leading supplier of additive technology we provide additive masterbatches, compounds and liquid or powder dispersions for any application using plastics, paint, paper, textiles and coatings.

Addmaster is also owner of the award winning Biomaster range of silver antimicrobial products. The Biomaster brand is incorporated into many products worldwide in markets such as healthcare, medical, domestic appliances, paints & coatings, bathroom accessories and catering equipment.

What’s the difference between antimicrobial and antibacterial?

An antimicrobial inhibits the growth of, or acts to destroy harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and moulds. An antibacterial prevents the growth of bacteria specifically.

How does Biomaster work?

The antimicrobial action of Biomaster is based on silver ion technology and works to kill bacteria in three ways.

Silver ions built into the surface of the product bind to and damage the bacteria cell wall preventing growth; they stop bacteria from producing energy and interrupt the DNA preventing replication. If a bacteria cell cannot grow, produce energy or replicate, it dies. This low toxicity mode of action makes Biomaster ideal for all applications.

How effective is Biomaster?

Very. Biomaster is proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99%.

Is Biomaster safe?

Yes. Silver is a natural antimicrobial recognised for centuries to inhibit the growth of bacteria with no harmful effects. Biomaster is used in medical, food and water applications.

How does Biomaster differ from other silver based antimicrobials?

Biomaster pioneered the use of antimicrobial additives and remains the recognised leader in antimicrobial technology.

Our experience of microbiology, precious metal chemistry, polymer antimicrobial additive technology, masterbatch formulation and production, situational research from farm to fork and healthcare environmental trials is unrivalled.

Biomaster silver additive technology has been rigorously tested at independent laboratories to prove its efficacy.

Biomaster are the experts in antimicrobial technology for polymers, textiles, paper, paints and coatings.

How much does Biomaster cost?

It only takes a tiny amount of Biomaster to provide effective and lasting antimicrobial protection adding, in most cases, just a few pence to the cost of the finished product.

Has Biomaster been tested?

Yes, repeatedly. Every application we develop is tested for efficacy to ISO standards at Europe's top independent laboratory. We also undertake on-going quality control tests and environmental trials.

Is Biomaster effective against Coronavirus?

Biomaster has not been tested for efficacy against the spread of Coronavirus. Extensive testing has shown that Biomaster, in spray form and applied topically to porous surfaces such as paper, fabrics and textiles, is extremely anti-viral providing effective product protection against viruses such as Norovirus. It is not affective against viruses on non-prous surfaces.

How is Biomaster applied to a product?

Biomaster can be added to any plastic, textile, or paper during manufacture or as a coating to virtually any material post production.

How do I know if a product is Biomaster protected?

Unless it’s labelled as being Biomaster protected, you don’t.

There is an optional Biomaster Detection System (BDS) which can instantly identify the presence of Biomaster in both raw materials and the finished product guaranteeing antimicrobial performance. However, we suggest you ask if a product is Biomaster protected before you buy it.

How long does Biomaster last?

Biomaster is effective for the intended lifetime of the product it’s added to. Because it becomes an integral part of the finished product, it doesn't wear off or leach out.

Is Biomaster a substitute for regular cleaning?

No. Biomaster protects product surfaces in between cleans.

Does Biomaster affect a product in any way?

No. You can’t see, smell or even taste Biomaster.

Is Biomaster effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria?

Yes.Biomaster has been proven to be effective to antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE).

Does Biomaster use nano-silver technology?

No. We do not use nano technology due to on-going safety concerns of the use of such small particles. Also, we have not seen any benefits in nano systems - only negative impacts on colour and appearance.

Does Biomaster contain Triclosan?

No. Nor any other organic biocidal additive.

Where can I buy the Biomaster bag for life?

You can buy the Biomaster Protected bag for life from The Hygiene Doctor webstore, as well as a growing network of high street retailers including Marks & Spencers and Morrisons.

Before you buy your next ‘bag for life’ check to see if it has the Biomaster symbol. If it doesn’t, you aren’t protected from potentially harmful bacteria.


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